From texting to surfing the Internet, mobile phones are ingrained into our daily lives. And the rise in mobile usage is projected to continue. With mobile web traffic set to increase 2600 percent in four years, you need to consider how mobile will impact the technology industry. 88 percent of all web searches are made from a mobile phone.

Open Android Learning is an initiative to help individuals learn the skills they need to create wonderful mobile applications. Our aim is to create high-quality tutorials and webinars and contribute to improve learning and transform education of the cutting edge technologies. We pride ourselves on getting you up to speed with the new technologies that are important in our industry. We believe in providing advice, mentoring and support that will allow individuals the opportunity to build their skills and routes to better marketability and employment.

If you are a technology expert and like to teach/share your expertise, we would love to have you in our team to help us in our mission.

The Crew

Hey there, I’m Himanshu. A mobile developer and an android enthusiast from New Delhi, India and I LOVE WHAT I DO.

Some Facts


  • ┬áB.Tech. (Computer Sciences) graduated from Jamia Millia Islamia.
  • 5+ years of Software Development Experience in Mobile and Telecommunications.
  • Avid sports fan and like playing ping pong, cricket, badminton in free time.
  • Half Marathon Runner with a best time of 2hrs 1 min (would love to get it below 2hrs in future events).
  • Love to travel but mainly seaside locations(Too much mountain travelling makes me nauseated).